Chai Khana films selected for the VDR-market

The three documentaries commissioned and produced by Chai Khana were included in the film market of the prestigious film festival Visions du Réel. 

Ana’s trail
Mariam Jachvadze & Tamara Mshvenieradze


“Ana’s trial” tells the story of a young, strong female lawyer who challenges a system created by male lawmakers. She protects the rights of people who, without her, would have little chance of getting a day in court. Being tough and fearless, Ana herself has to survive in this masculine society. As a candidate running for Public Defender of Georgia, she has to be assessed and approved by male lawmakers.



Glasses Crack, Tablecloths Splinter
Anna Japaridze


This film represents a conscious effort to revisit Georgians’ memories of the period that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union through the time capsules of their newly digitized home video cassettes.



Instructions for the Future
Greta Harutyunyan


Disillusioned with the present in post-war Armenia, young Armenian filmmaker Greta Harutyunyan picks up a camera to explore her options for the future. To understand the future, she travels back to her past, revisiting it through a home video archive created by her aunt. Through this ‘time travel,’ we discover Armenia reflected in its recent past, different generations, and their conflicting visions for a better future. 



Chai Khana’s documentaries in the 2023 VdR–Film Market catalog will be available from April 21st to July 31st. 
The VdR–Film Market is an online platform that includes a selection of more than 400 new creative documentaries with international potential. The purpose of the Film Market is to facilitate exchanges, purchases, and potential sales of new films.

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