Leyla Ganbarli's film "A butcher's daughter" at VdR-Industry

A film by Leyla Ganbarli, "A butcher's daughter", was selected as part of the Visions du Réel film market! The film, which was commissioned by Chai Khana, will be available online for all accredited professionals attending the Visions du Réel Industry platform, from April 14-22. We want to congratulate Leyla and wish her success at the event!


Visions du Réel Industry aims to help future films find support at every stage of production. The main goal of VdR–Industry is to facilitate both national and international collaborations and partnerships between the projects’ authors and the professionals attending the industry events, not only today but for years to come.


Safarali was forced to leave his native village and move his family to the city when his teaching salary was not enough to meet their needs. While he has created a successful career as a butcher, his daughter struggles to make peace with the life he has created. The film is the story of Safarali, who is living a life that bridges contradictions—he is a teacher and a butcher, animal lover and destroyer. It is also the story of his daughter’s opposition to him, as well as her desire to know and understand her father and accept him. The film follows Safarali through a normal day and, through his conversations with his daughter, we learn about his life, his beliefs, and how he finds meaning and balance in a life that is far from the ideals he cherishes. 

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