Work by Anna Dziapshipa and Mano Svanidze at InterchanGE 2021

If you happen to be in Batumi this weekend, don’t miss our long-term contributors exhibitions at InterchanGE 2021! Work by Anna Dziapshipa and Mano Svanidze will be shown on June 6 at Contemporary Art Space Batumi. 


June 6 / 15:30 

Contemporary Art Space Batumi

I HAD AN EMPTY PLACE - Anna Dziapshipa (GE)

FIVE SECOND RULE - Mano Svanidze (GE)


InterchanGE (previously known as Batumi Photo-Days festival) has been an annual event in Batumi since 2015. 

The theme of this year’s event is FRAGILE, a concept that addresses global issues such as human rights and environmental protection. FRAGILE covers three sub-themes: NATURE, STATE, and HUMAN. Each day of the three-day festival will be dedicated to one of the abovementioned themes. 

Festival events will take place at Contemporary Art Space, Batumi Boulevard and Conte Beach every day from 3pm until 11pm. The exhibitions will run from June 6 until the end of August. To see the whole programme, please visit the event page: 


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