Open Call for pitches on the edition topic of the "Elderly"

Chai Khana

The elderly have been dealt a triple punch by the pandemic: the forced isolation has exacerbated chronic poverty among the oldest citizens of the South Caucasus and, effectively trapped in their homes for months, they have been pummeled by a never-ending cycle of frightening news and death counts.

Chai Khana will explore the myriad issues of growing old in the South Caucasus in the next edition. We are looking for stories that tell the journey of age—everything from age discrimination and extreme poverty to the new challenges wrought by Covid and the challenges (and joys) of caring for an elderly loved one.

As always, we are especially interested in unique and unusual angles—films and articles can map the cracks in traditionally held stereotypes about the elderly, or find new concerns that affect people today. We challenge you to think beyond the headlines and truly investigate the issues, challenges and benefits of growing old in the South Caucasus. We also ask that you consider articles about the elderly that we have recently published, and that you respect pandemic-related restrictions and safety requirements.

Who may apply: Local documentary filmmakers, journalists and photographers from across the South Caucasus

Deadline for submitting the pitch: January 28

First Cut Films and Videos Deadline: February 20

First Draft Photo Stories Deadline: February 20

First Draft Feature Articles Deadline: February 15

Please select the best story idea and submit only one proposal. The second potential idea should be discussed with Chai Khana team (at before filling the form.  

If your pitch is successful, you could be asked to send: an in-depth pitch.  


Photo by Nazik Armenakyan

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