Free Course from OWM : International Reporting


Provided by One World Media, this course will help you learn the fundamentals of telling a good story, and what you need to consider for the editorial and practical success of your reporting. Through three sections, the course will guide you to develop a strong story idea, and to prepare for reporting your story effectively, safely, ethically, and successfully. The course includes a range of examples across film, print, audio and multimedia, and sincere anecdotes and tips from journalists around the world. The course might be useful for you, if you are planning to apply for the OWM Fellowship.



This course is divided into 3 sections:

- Section 1 focuses on how to tell a compelling and engaging story about a broader issue;

- Section 2 explores everything you need to consider before or during your reporting;

- Section 3 focuses on understanding safety and security, through physical, digital and psychological risk.

In each section, you will be presented with checklists and media examples.



- You will learn how to find a strong story with good characters, to talk about an important issue;

- You will watch and read successful pieces of media covering international stories;

- You will learn what to consider before or during your reporting;

- You will gain insight into how journalists make decisions in tricky situations;

- You will learn how to think about physical safety, digital footprint, and mental wellbeing;

- You will learn how to save an unravelling story when things don’t go as planned.


JULIE NOON, the course trainer, is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker with 20 years’ experience in crafting compelling storytelling through documentary, photography and print.



You can complete this course within 4-6 hours across multiple sessions

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