Filmmaker: Merri Mkrtchyan

Jane Jan


Two young artists decide to be friends and not to worry about being labeled the “enemy”.

As skirmishes and battles fester on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, the author of the film lives and creates with her Azerbaijani friend Aysel. Their friendship is unique because they are citizens of  enemy countries. This film represents their daily lives and national problems, which they have to face everyday in their personal lives. 

The attitude of their own societies is ambiguous. Nobody knows yet that a war will break out in September.  Even though they are citizens of bordering countries, they have to travel safe, third countries to meet. They maintain hope - to visit each other’s homelands and never worry about being labeled the “enemy” - despite the situation on the border. 

The film was prepared in August of 2020. A month later, the Armenian-Azerbaijanian war took away their friends. Despite the fierce emotions stirred by the fighting, they continued to stay true to their values and friendship.

Awards: Focus Caucasus Special Jury Award at CinéDOC Tbilisi, 2021.