12 min.

Filmmaker: Ani Torosyan



The filmmaker looks back at 2020 and asks how an emotional roller coaster of a year impacted her life.

POV is a short film made out of mobile footage shot randomly during 2020, a challenging year. Ani Torosyan documented her everyday experience during the pandemic and the war in Armenia, reflecting on dramatic changes she witnessed and assembling them into a first person narrative.

Director’s note

Point of View (POV) is a monologue about my inner thoughts, addressed to you, to the world, and even to me. I documented the year 2020 as I saw it: misty, dark, upside down.

POV reflects how I felt  throughout the year. It shows what changed over the course of 12 months - how the offline world became a new luxury, “negative” prevailed over the “positive,” the abnormal suddenly became routine, and we got used to the things that used to seem unreal.

Awards: Best Film at GIPA DocU, 2021.