Filmmaker: Mariam Grigoryan



The recent war in Nagorno-Karabakh forced Qnarik Babayan, 62, to move to Armenia, where she must rebuild her life from zero. 

The recent war in Nagorno-Karabakh fundamentally changed the life of Qnarik Babayan, 62. Instead of peacefully living out her last years at home, where she had a home and a comfortable life, she was forced to abandon everything and live in a shelter in Armenia. Qnarik worked as a nurse for 40 years in Karabakh and, during the war, she treated many soldiers. Due to her age, she cannot find a job and no one wants to hire her now that she is displaced. With each passing day, Qnarik's hopes for a new life fade a little more. Everyday she wonders how she will be able to care for her daughter and her grandson. The longer she looks for work, the more unlikely it seems she will find a way to look after her family.