A coffee with a grandma via skype

Author: Tatevik Tshughuryan

After a 77-year-old grandma discovered the riches of technology, she is enjoying life in two worlds: real and digital. Svetlana Tamazyan was only 50 when her husband died, leaving her to care for their five children. Despite the challenges, she raised the children alone and ՝ a small village, Akori, in Armenia’s northern Lori Province. Today her children live far from her, some in the Armenian capital Yerevan and others in Russia. To stay in touch, they bought her a tablet and taught her how to use Viber. Svetlana quickly discovered the riches of social media. Today she watches films as well as videos about sewing and cooking on her tablet or smartphone. Best of all, the devices allow her to stay in touch with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.