3 min.

Gaming for a dialogue

Author: Togrul Musa


A programmer uses the power of computer games to teach people about cooperation and peace.

Agababa Bagirov is a 23-year-old programmer, game designer and contemporary artist. As a computer science graduate from Baku State University, he explores the relationship between humans, nature and technology. To convince audiences to join him on his journey, Agababa uses games and interactivity in his art.

One of his recent game installations is called Highland. The game explores the concept of conflict and builds on the example of Nagorno-Karabakh.

A 3D map of the Nagorno-Karabakh region serves as the board, and the game is played by two opposing sides. However, it is different from the regular games where players compete with each other. How is Highland played and who wins? Agababa offers an alternative to the numerous “shoot-them-up” games that are based on the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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