Looming dreams

Photographer: Ilkin Huseynov

Topic: Conflict

Warning: The story contains disturbing, AI-generated materials and might be upsetting.

Since the beginning of humanity, people have wondered about the future.

Philosophers and futurists imagined the future from their expectations and predictions and used mostly limited and subjectively chosen information. This has started to change lately as humans get more and more access to big data which helps them to make better prognoses and simulations of future events.

The images in this project were created with AI (artificial intelligence) text-to-image technology.  With this technology, I tried to visualize the near future. 

Our near future is more uncertain than ever before. And all our wishes and fears are tied to the current senseless war. 

This project illustrates the most likely outcome of the war between Ukraine and Russia. The prognosis is based on interviews, information from experts and my own point of view.


It was a year of devastating war.

The consequence of the war was felt by the whole world but especially those who were living on the front lines.

The Ukrainian army slowly took back occupied territories. 

Meanwhile, the Russian army and elite clearly start to understand that war will be lost no matter what. Internal conflicts in the Russian army start to rise. 

Shortly after that, without meeting serious resistance from the demotivated Russian army, the Ukrainian army freed all its occupied territory and created a buffer zone far from its border. 

The war finally came to an end. Crowds all over Ukrainian cities fled to the streets to celebrate victory. 

Meanwhile, the war was devastating for Russia. The economy collapsed and massive protests started all over the country. 

During the first days of the protests, hundreds of thousands of people were arrested and tortured. This time repression didn't work as planned but instead provoked an even bigger wave of protests. 

After a week of violent clashes with police, the police and the army finally joined the protesters. President Vladimir Putin lost all his authority and legitimacy and fled the country.  Imprisoned protesters and politicians were set free. Politicians in exile returned.

Shortly after that, a temporary government was created, which launched peace talks.

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