A Story of home

22 min.

Filmmaker: Merri Mkrtchyan

A Story of home


The consequences of the 2020 war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenia is handing over territories and people are forced to leave their homes. 

Narine, the mother of six children, who is caught up in a political turmoil as a result of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, has to uproot her family again. She settled in the village of Aghavno (near Lachin) in the early 1990s, in a special settlement built by the Armenian government for the conflict affected population. Now, as a result of the second Karabakh war, the village should be ceded to Azerbaijan since a new highway is built through the Lachin corridor. The family of Narine, like many other Armenian families, needs to find a new place. The film follows the last days of the family evacuating from their home and moving in an unknown direction, without any resettlement plan backing the agreement between countries. 

Director Merri Mkrtchyan sits down with journalist and filmmaker Arpi Bekaryan to talk about the consequences of the 2020 war, with a particular focus on Aghavno village. The village was ceded to Azerbaijan so a new highway could be built through the Lachin corridor. The director, who stayed in Aghavno until the very last day, shared her intimate experience of the village, her deep connection with its main protagonist, and a general view of what was happening in Aghavno before the handover.

The video discussion is part of Chai Khana's documentary film "A Story of Home". The film and discussion are available on Chai Khana.