Teenage gender rights warrior

Author: Anonymous


cover photo by Vali Shukurov

Sanay Yagmur, 15, is a tenth grader who is encouraging her fellow students to create a culture of protest at her school in Baku.

First, she started a rally for Elina Hajiyeva, the 14-year-old schoolgirl who committed a sucide due to bullying last October.

Then she started attending protests with her mother and, at some point, decided to hold solo protests at school to speak out about misogynistic traditions; discrimination and persecutions of the LBGTIQ+ community; and gender-based violence.

In Azerbaijan, a country where pupils rarely speak out on controversial issues, Sanay is breaking the silence of her peers.

Despite pressure to stop protesting, Sanay's commitment to demonstrating against injustice has inspired her classmates to question their teachers and challenge long-held traditions.