01.06.2023 - 01.06.2023

Chai Khana film screenings in Strasbourg: Hunay Saday, Maka Gogaladze, Arpi Bekaryan

Le Lieu documentaire, Strasbourg

Le départ
Hunay Saday | 2021 | 16′
Nominee of DokuBaku, 2021


An aspiring filmmaker tries to restore her fading childhood memories through someone else's travel stories. 

One evening in front of a bar, Hunay bumps into an acquaintance, Benjamin. He recently visited her native country, Azerbaijan, which she had to flee in 2011 with her family for political reasons. A precipitous departure which has resulted in her feeling further and further removed from her hometown, family, and childhood memories every day. What happens when we can no longer return to our hometown, when our childhood memories are fading away? Can memories stay alive through someone else’s?


My room
Maka Gogaladze | 2020 | 24’ | Georgia


Through the creative use of archival footage, a documentary filmmaker Maka Gogaladze tells a story of her family - from her birth till the present day, intertwined with the turbulent history of Georgia over the last 30 years. The two storylines of the film are very different in terms of scale but they represent the same plot, since the events that shaped the history of the country have defined and shaped her personal life as well.


Safe zone
Arpi Bekarian | 2020 | 16’ | Armenia 
Best film of GIPA Doc U, 2020


I am from the generation that was born during and after the war, in a closed and isolated society. I have not experienced Armenians and Azerbaijanis living, working and co-existing together.  I do not have memories from those times; I have stereotypes that the society, school and the media taught me and everyone else in my generation. The words “enemy” and “Azerbaijani” had always been synonyms for me until I went to Tbilisi. 
This story is about a “hidden” community of Armenians and Azerbaijanis who can only meet in a third country, who have the need to talk to each other, to listen to the other side and who eventually become friends.


For more info, please visit the page : https://www.lelieudocumentaire.fr/projection/carte-blanche-a-hunay-saday/?fbclid=IwAR1rzSD1IRj2peG4RwVoYoAeEovP20rjuE20r2OStxxpbIHbzNkHP1u1AlQ

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