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Courier drivers in Tbilisi are emerging from their traditional role as the faceless figures behind order apps to become a forceful collective for social change. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the necessity of delivery drivers, encouraging thousands to enter the industry. However, when demand for courier work was at its height, delivery companies slashed bonus systems and incentives, dealing drivers a financial blow. What began as drivers’ fight for stronger labor rights quickly grew into a collective movement, with couriers taking an active role in the country’s most noteworthy social and political issues. Five young couriers provide first-hand insight into the formation of this unique protest culture and the solidarity that fuels it.

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Your Delivery Is on Its Way

Nana Kobidze


Derek Basler


The club and electronic music scene has traditionally been based on values such as universal equality and respect. But what is the reality in a country where misogyny and patriarchy remain strong? Tbilisi’s club scene has been depicted as an unique place with one-of-a-kind venues, crowd and energy. But issues such as gender inequality exist in the local club scene, too, and affect the lives of female DJs. This short documentary introduces four Georgian women working as DJs and producers; Dali, Kdema, 3AM and Sonnorus. There are women at the club asks if gender matters, what being a woman means in the local scene and what should be done next? How does the environment in Georgia affect these issues? The film follows these women in and outside of the club from winter to spring in 2022. The four DJs open up about their experiences, opinions and wishes for the future of the local club scene, which seems to be changing. Progress may be slow but it is real.

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There're women at the club

Viivi Mikkola


The story of three elderly people who seem to be the last in their craft. The aim of the film is to reveal the nuances of the craft of three elderly people, focusing mainly on the fact that they are the last generation in their profession and that modern society will not need them in the very near future. The film also will cover topics such as the underestimation of their work, their daily and financial problems. The story of their life will be told in a short format. All three characters are united by the fact that their first teacher was their fathers. All of them were ashkerts (students) in the period of Soviet Armenia. All three of them have had and still have an enthusiasm and an interest in their craft, all three of them have wanted to learn something new and they are learning even now, all three of them want people to praise their work and be satisfied with the same work. All three of them want to meet people's needs and help them with what they can’t do on their own… And they all don’t have no body to continue their work. This edition was produced in the framework of Chai Khana Fellowship program - Spring 2022

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The Heirs

Narek Harutyunyan


After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Russians who openly opposed the regime fled to other countries. More than 30,000 have found themselves in Georgia as they sought to avoid political pressure and sanctions. Their arrival, however, has not been universally welcomed as Russia occupies 20 percent of their host country's territory. Mitya, a young Russian activist, provides insight into a newly formed Russian community in the Georgian capital that is trying to establish itself during these uncertain times. Mitya and his friends have to prove they are victims of the Russian government, not aggressors...

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The Flight 2022 (trailer)

Anna Sarukhanova


A 23-year-old Ukrainian, far from home, tries to make life a little easier for Ukrainians escaping from the war. Around 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed into Poland since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war. Ukrainian Darina Hlava, 23, who has lived and worked in the Polish city of Poznan for the last five years, is helping refugees find a place to live, orient themselves in their new reality, register and get help. Poznan, the fifth largest city in Poland, has become the temporary home for 40,000 Ukrainian refugees.

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Safe and sound but hoping to return home

Ani Gabrielyan