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Ana made me think about the world differently. She made me more sensitive to the environment around me and, after spending time with her, I started listening to everyone and everything more carefully. She is passionate about helping other people. When you are with her you can sense her inner strength as well as her sincerity and determination. After meeting Ana, I decided to turn the project into an essay about her, and the project became very personal and special for me. 

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My name is Ana

Tako Robakidze

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Pink City II (as soft boys go deeper) is a journey through the artist’s inner self, an interpretation of the subconscious play of reality and imagery. Using deeply personal essays and poetic self-expression, the film explores life in the imaginary space that is designed to be shapeless, genderless, safe, healthy, and free in every way, to facilitate marginalized queer individuals, as well as people who need to escape a discriminative and violent reality.

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Pink city II (as soft boys go deeper)

Agil Abdullayev


Artists have used their art to protest against politics and politicians for years in Armenia. But after the 2018 revolution, many artists stopped using the tools they had developed to push their agenda—despite the fact that the new government gave them plenty of reasons for protest.

In this film, which was made in the summer of 2020, Hovhannes Ishkhanyan speaks with three artists—Karen Ohanyan, Artak Gevorgyan and Arthur Petrosyan—to find  out why they stopped protesting like they used to. And, inspired by them, Hovhannes creates his own piece of political art. 

Disclaimer: Armenian artist Artak Gevorgyan, one of the interviewees of this film, is a husband of Armenia media manager Sona Simonyan.

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Sleep Art

Hovhannes Ishkhanyan


What do we mean by Georgian protest art or activism, How does it resemble or voice our turbulent recent history? This film highlights some participants of the artistic process and explores the topic through the interviews that express different angles. Four interviewees examine history of artistic protest through historical, cultural, documentary and artistic lenses, recall some examples and besides relevant answers sets new questions for viewers. 

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Art and Protest

Anna Dziapshipa