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A mother of three school-aged children has to choose between buying food or paying for the internet in a rural village in Armenia. When Armenian schools moved online due to the pandemic, the family of 43-year-old Lousine faced a dilemma: her three children needed the internet and computers to attend school classes but the family didn’t have money for either. Despite the family’s challenges, Lousine’s oldest daughter, Meri, found a way to attend online programming and English classes to pursue her dreams of becoming a programmer.

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No Food, no bytes

Tatevik Tshughuryan


After almost five decades working as an animator, prominent Azerbaijani author Elchin Akhundov was forced to retire. The man behind many popular Soviet cartoons, Elchin tries to reconcile with his new life. Deprived of the opportunity to create and teach the next generation of animators, he tries to stay creative with limited resources. Surrounded by the paper dolls he creates now, Akhundov reflects on his life, age, creativity and need to share his knowledge with a new generation.

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No time to retire

Leylakhanim (Leyla) Ganbarli