The mountains beyond

35 min.

Filmmaker: Shorena Tevzadze

The mountains beyond


The film observes the restoration of a Georgian cultural heritage monument that was damaged by a Russian missile and the life of those living near it.

Near the Georgian-Russian border, beyond the Caucasus Mountains, Tsiskarauli’s ancestral tower is being rebuilt The village of Akhieli, where the tower stands, is completely disconnected from the outside world. Phones do not work here and the only road to the village is blocked as soon the weather turns cold. Only two men stay here in winter: they bring life to the village and strengthen the border.

In 2001, during the second Russia-Chechnya War, Russian missiles damaged the 16th-17th century tower (which is the only tower in the Arkhoti Valley that is structurally intact). The monument urgently needed restoration. It wouldn't survive another winter. In the summer of 2023, with the support of the National Trust of Georgia, with its British, French and international partner organizations, a group of architects, and volunteers began restoration work.

The film reflects this period: people’s daily life and beliefs. It describes the atmosphere of a small village beyond the Caucasus Mountains and tells the story of isolation and solitude.