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Work without a paycheck

Author: Viivi Mikkola


A teenage girl aims to promote volunteering in a country where the social security net is very weak.

The culture of volunteering is not quite established in Georgia yet and most people don’t know where to start. Even though Georgians do a lot of things for their families and community, it is not often defined as volunteer work, which is supported, respected and promoted by the community. 

In the country where working hours are unregulated, wages low and social security weak, the entire burden falls on a family. Therefore, it’s no wonder that people don’t find time nor interest for work that doesn’t pay money.

Ana Kuprava has started volunteering during a pandemic in one of the projects of Helping Hand - an NGO based in Tbilisi. Apart from visiting and helping elderly, she now spends a lot of time as an ambassador, informing other young people around Georgia about volunteering to get them involved too.