Chai Khana media.code: Chai Khana launches media and digital literacy program!

Experts working in conflict regions revealed that a lack of resources has created a nearly insurmountable barrier for young people in the Caucasus to develop personally and professionally. In an effort to address the issue, Chai Khana, an international media outlet, with the support of Confidence-Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM), a joint programme by the European Union and the United Nations Development Program, is launching a year-long digital and media literacy program for conflict-affected youth.


The media and digital literacy program is open for Abkhaz, Georgian, and Ossetian youth as well as those who want to participate as mentors.This virtual program aims to develop digital communication and production skills, an essential asset to succeed professionally and personally in this time and age. While the schedule is subject to change due to the ongoing pandemic, the goal is to design a blended learning program, including individual or group virtual consultations with the project team to identify the needs, resources, and interests of the participants. The team will offer participants one-on-one consulting about their professional goals and challenges, followed by intensive mentoring sessions (3-5 days) on digital media and communication.

Mentoring sessions will address: (1) understanding the media, (2) critical use of the media, and (3) beneficial use of the media. By media, we mean photography, videography, graphic design, website development, social media management, data analysis, digital communication tools, etc. After the mentoring sessions led by international instructors with considerable expertise, participants will create digital media products that reflect their interests. 


If you are interested in participating, or have any questions about the project - please contact the head of the program:  Salome Apkhazishvili - salome.apkhazishvili@chaikhana.media

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