Global Short Docs Forum

One World Media

Connecting short documentary filmmakers with digital media platforms
Global Short Docs Forum is a much needed and dedicated initiative to nurture new talent in documentary shorts, giving them access to the growing number of digital media platforms.

What are the benefits?


- Invaluable pitching training and mentoring

- Workshops + masterclasses from industry experts

- One-to-one meetings with digital platforms

- Connect with doc filmmakers from all over the world


GSDF is open to applications from all parts of the world, for documentary projects up to 30 mins, either in production or post-production, with existing footage. 12 filmmakers will be selected to attend a series of online workshops, mentoring, and one to one pitches.


To encourage new narratives and underreported stories One World Media focuses on filmmakers from areas with low production capacity or little global visibility, as well as underrepresented filmmakers in geographical areas of established media production.  They are especially looking for stories from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia or the Post-Soviet States.