Open call for photographers from the South Caucasus and Denmark

Sunday, 10 July 2022




Submission ended

Chai Khana and Kullbroen, with support of the New Democracy Fund, announce a call for photographers from Denmark, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to produce a cross border photo project and explore the topic “Future.”


Uncertainty has become a byword for 2022. The stories should address the following questions: What are the issues defining the future for your community and country? What issues concern the next generation the most? Who and what decides the future?

Pitches should focus on strong characters and exhibit unique access to the story. 


We will consider original as well as adaptations from larger projects. Any proposal that repeats or replicates what is already published by local and regional media outlets will not be considered.


Chai Khana will offer selected candidates a fixed honorarium. 


There will be a four-month production period (July-October 2022).


The project will be exhibited in Aarhus, Denmark and will be followed by a panel discussion. Participants should be available to travel to Denmark in November. All the costs will be covered by Chai Khana and Kulbroen.

Cover photo by Tamuna Chkareuli

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