Open call for feature stories, photo stories, and short documentary on decolonising LGBTIQ+ topics

Wednesday, 15 February 2023




Submission ended

Chai Khana in cooperation with Queer and Unit (n-ost) is launching a call for Support of Publications on decolonizing LGBTIQ+ topics in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the conflict affected regions in the South Caucasus (Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh & South Ossetia). 


Decolonizing LGBTQI topics refers to the process of challenging and dismantling the dominant narratives and power structures that have been imposed on LGBTQI individuals, communities and movements by colonialism, imperialism, and other forms of domination. 


The stories produced should be addressing the ways in which colonialism and imperialism have led to the marginalization and oppression of LGBTQI people in formerly colonized countries of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.



Who may apply: Local documentary filmmakers, journalists and photographers from across the South Caucasus.


Please select the best story idea and submit only one proposal. The second potential idea should be discussed with the Chai Khana team (at before filling the form.


If your pitch is successful, you could be asked to send: an in-depth pitch.


Please read through the formats and select the one that is closer to the story you want to produce:


Short Video Story

- Fast pace / action-driven

- Dealing with current problematic issue (within the theme)

- Build up around interesting/charismatic characters.

- Strong visuals (hook right from the beginning)

- Should establish the character and problem from the very first scene


Short Creative Documentary

Compelling factual stories that are unique and author-driven; with strong visual concept and distinctive style; when a filmmaker makes artistic choices in the use of cinematic tools (image, sound, editing) to convey their vision on a subject matter.


Feature Story 

- Evocative piece

- With well-written images

- Can be character-driven

- 15.000 symbols without spaces


Photo Story

- Visually driven

- Conceptual

- 500-1000 words

- 10-18 photos with captions

Unit is a network of journalists and activists focusing on LGBTIQ+ topics in ex-Soviet states. Its goal is to establish long-term and constructive partnerships among journalists, activists, media and organizations working on human rights and marginalized communities. Unit was developed by n-ost in 2018, a network for border crossing journalism based in Berlin. More info about Unit on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and in their newsletter.


Queer, an online publication, aims to bring together individuals who hold liberal values. It is acknowledged that neglect of human rights has resulted in numerous instances of brutality and violations of humanity. The belief is that safeguarding the rights of every individual contributes to overall social advancement and well-being. Without freedom of expression and speech, it is impossible to establish a world where people can live without fear, poverty, and oppression. The publication works towards protecting the rights of the queer community in Georgia, who are among the most marginalized groups, and stands in solidarity with all other individuals or groups whose rights are being violated. It is ready to align with all those who recognize that this is a matter of concern for them as well.

Cover photo by Tekla Tevdorashvili

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