Open call about the growing digital footprint in the South Caucasus

Chai Khana

What does it mean to live in a digital age? In its next edition, Chai Khana will explore how the computers, tablets and apps that now play such a pivotal role in our lives affect our wellbeing, our relationships, our communities and our societies. The digital age is more than just Candy Crush and social media sites. For most of us, digital technology is a constant presence in our lives. It provides access to entertainment, education and employment—as well as addiction, abuse and crime. We welcome pitches that explore any one of the many nuances that make up the digital footprint in our lives—from the exhilarating heights of technology to the frightening depths of hatred, aggression and deceit.

Who may apply: Local documentary filmmakers, journalists and photographers from across the South Caucasus

Deadline for submitting the pitch: March 31

First Cut Films and Videos Deadline: April 20
First Draft Photo Stories Deadline: April 15
First Draft Feature Articles Deadline: April 15

Please select the best story idea and submit only one proposal. The second potential idea should be discussed with Chai Khana team (at before filling the form. 

If your pitch is successful, you could be asked to send: an in-depth pitch. 

Please read through the formats and select the one that is closer to the story you want to produce: 

1. Short Video Story
Fast pace / action-driven
Dealing with current problematic issue (within the theme)
Build up around interesting/charismatic character 
Strong visuals 

2. Short Creative Documentary

Compelling factual stories that are unique and author-driven; with strong visual concept and distinctive style; when a filmmaker makes artistic choices in the use of cinematic tools (image, sound, editing) to convey his/her vision on a subject matter.

3. Feature Story

Evocative piece 
Evocative, well-written text that tells a story with context
Can be character-driven
(1000-1200 words) 

4. Photo Story 

Visually driven 
500-1000 words
10-18 photos with captions 

Please answer the following questions in English as accurately as possible. All questions are mandatory unless indicated otherwise:

application form