International Feature Writing in the Age of COVID-19

TOL Education

This four-week, hands-on journalism course provides you with an unrivaled opportunity to learn the craft of the foreign correspondent from a veteran of the media business – Dinah Richter Spritzer. As a journalist, Dinah has contributed to The New York Times, USA Today, Elle and Conde Nast Traveller.

The course uses a blend of live, online classes, interactive discussions; written assignments and stimulating reading materials. By the end of the course you’ll be equipped with a solid set of feature writing skills and feel ready to negotiate the challenges posed to foreign reporters by COVID-19. You’ll also have a range of publishable writing samples ready to make your portfolio stand out.

Who can apply?

- College and university-level participants. Some journalism experience or academic background is helpful but not essential.

- Journalists who have some experience but would like to increase their skills and knowledge.

- Anyone who can demonstrate a genuine interest in journalism.

Learning Outcomes


- Learn what makes foreign reporting different from domestic reporting through practical experience.

- Fine-tune your feature-writing skills and interviewing tactics in three well-researched articles, under the guidance of the instructor.

- Report, using all of the virtual tools available, including social media platforms, and video interviews.

- Learn how to provide sweep, context, and comparison when writing for an international audience.

- Find out how to write about a country when you can’t travel there, can’t speak the language, and aren’t even sure how the government works.

- Analyze international reporting on COVID-19.


The course full fee is € 599. 

Fee waivers for participants from Georgia and Armenia!

Want to get more information? Please see the curriculum or email