Salomé Jashi Masterclass: Cinematic Power of Life



Salomé Jashi is an award-winning documentary director, producer and video artist from Georgia. In the Masterclass called Cinematic Power of Life, Salomé Jashi will concentrate on her latest film, Taming the Garden, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in the World Cinema Documentary Competition and at Berlinale Forum. It is also part of the International Competition at the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

All the films that Salomé Jashi directed have a strong visual style, often minimalistic and very poetic. They portray ordinary people and show dramas that happen in their everyday lives. In the Masterclass, Salomé Jashi will share her experience with all the aspects of making her films (e.g. from initial idea, methods of working with protagonists, building of a storyline, political aspect of her work, international film crew, post-production). She will also speak about possibilities of producing films in Georgia.

The Masterclass is moderated by Hana Kulhánková, a coordinator of IDF Industry Sessions and a big fan of films by Salomé Jashi.

The Masterclass is part of the IDF Industry Sessions series, organized by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague. In cooperation with One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.


Date: May 20th, 2021 at 8 pm (+4 UTC)

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