deadline: 26.05.2021

Photo contest: Resilient Georgia / Resilient Georgians

NATO in Georgia, Fotografia

This photo contest aims to depict the beauty of the enduring and persistent nature of Georgians that has allowed the nation and its people to persevere despite challenges. The notion of “resiliency” is an important element of such perseverance. The ability to recover from or adjust to adversity or change is what enables individuals, societies and nations to successfully manage and adapt to adverse events while also maintaining a unique identity and approach. The participants of the photo contest are expected to submit photos that mirror this idea.
The main objective of the project is to draw attention to the importance of “resiliency” across society and the national system in an artistic and visual way. Thecontest is open for all who wish to submit their work. Both amateurs and professionals are welcome to participate.
Winners and Prizes:

Approximately 10 finalists will be selected from three categories, Documentary, Conceptual, and Mobile Photography, whose work will be exhibited at Fotografia's gallery space. A professional jury will determine 3 winners (one from each category) out of the finalists. The winners will be awarded with 2,000 GEL each.
*Please, note that income tax may apply to the monetary prize.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021
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Photography Categories:
Documentary - Documentary photographs are expected to capture everyday life without staging, managing, or editing the scene. Documentary photography can be an intimate exploration of a subject as well as a powerful way to share historical events or a message with the greater world. An applicant is welcome to submit photographs that depict Georgian resiliency in everyday life or historical moments.
Conceptual - Conceptual photography is a type of photography that is staged to present an idea or a concept. While conceptual images may take elements of real-life documentation, they are mostly experimental. They are staged and reinterpreted in a creative way to convey a clear message. Thus, conceptual photos do not just capture a beautiful or interesting scene, but they also help people visualize an abstract concept.
An applicant is free to come up with an original artistic setup to depict Georgian resiliency. It is completely up to a photographer’s fantasy to create an image of this concept [resiliency] into a viewer’s mind. Photo manipulations are welcome under this category. However, images merely created with photo editing tools will not be reviewed. It is essential that edits are made on a photograph.
Mobile Phone - Mobile phones are the best way to immediately document the world around us as we see it. Mobile photography is not exclusive in its choice of subject matters, rather it depicts natural setups. Mobile photography could be of different genres, such as documentary, portraiture, street, citizen journalism, and reportage.”
Applicants can submit natural photos reflecting surroundings, interesting life moments, structures, designs, and patterns that they come across within those standard situations when they carry their smart devices with themselves and reflect in their mind Georgian resiliency. Applicants will be required to specify which gadget/smart phone they used for taking a photograph.
Professional Jury:

Guram Tsibakhashvili
Daro Sulakauri
Julien Pebrel
Submission Rules:
Submit your photo until 26 May 2021 by feeling out the Google Forms application. One person can submit only one photo in one category. Multiple submissions will not be accepted. 

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