25.08.2021 - 29.08.2021

Chai Khana at Sevil International Women’s Documentary Film Festival

Art Garden Ganja Hall

Four films commissioned by Chai Khana, Moments with my mother, Letter to a mother, From darkness to the light and Since the dust settled, will be screened at Sevil International Women’s Documentary Film Festival. Created in 2020, Sevil International Women's Documentary Film Festival is an independent documentary film festival in Azerbaijan focused on women's issues. 


Don’t miss the chance to watch our films August 25th and August 28th at ART GARDEN GANJA HALL:


August 25



Letter to a mother by Gulnar Salimova

This is a letter to my mother - the feelings that I could not tell her in person, a recognition of my weakness, the failed talks and ineffable things, the miscommunication between a mother and daughter who live different lives, but still seek to understand each other in the best possible way. 



From darkness to the light by Gular Abbasova 

Gunay completely lost her eyesight in 2015. In the beginning, the "constant darkness was terrible,” she recalls. A few years later she decided to become an actress in a theater for actors with disabilities and found herself in another world. Gunay recalls the transition as moving "from darkness into a bright world.” 



August 28



Moments with mother by Sanan Safarov 


Ruhangiz, 70, has been active her entire life, from the time she started working in her early 20s until 2014, when she learned she had breast cancer. The disease forced her to suddenly stop working and stay at home. 

When Azerbaijan announced a countrywide lockdown, Ruhangiz faced a new wave of loneliness. Her sudden isolation reminded her of the traumas she suffered earlier in her life. Despite this, Ruhangiz remains hopeful and never forgets to water her flowers.


Since the dust settled by Togrul Abbasov 

People reappeared in the settlement of the old Soviet summer-cottages, located on the shore of the slowly disappearing Lake Kumisi in Georgia. In an almost abandoned village two young women, Salome and Nino, found escape from the city to build a new life there. The film is similar to meditation that cuts in moments and brings us back to reality.

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