Tina Chertova's personal exhibition : "Україна переможе"

#8 Egnate Ninoshvili, Fabrika
Starting July 8th: ArtUp - Street Gallery’s space at Fabrika  will host an exhibition of Chai Khana’s beloved contributor and illustrator Tina Chertova. Her series "Україна переможе" is dedicated to the brave Ukrainian people, who are fighting for the freedom of all people in the world. The series was commissioned by Chai Khana.
“Artworks are based on real stories of people who went through horrible days of war and are still there fighting for their lives, freedom and future. These stories brought me closer to the Ukrainian people. Years ago, as oppositionists, my ancestors were expelled by the dictatorial regime, some were killed, and those who survived moved to Georgia. In search of a peaceful life, now we, their descendants, have become victims of Russian aggression and it is still ongoing. Understanding and analyzing the present in Ukraine and the past we went though, I can not stop asking myself who will be the next? and why?”
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