Berkeley Art Museum presents a retrospective of Salomé Jashi

The Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) will be showcasing the films of accomplished Georgian documentary filmmaker Salomé Jashi. The film "A Crypto Rush Aftermath," produced in partnership with Chai Khana, will also be presented as a part of the retrospective.


The film delves into the persistent presence of financial pyramids in Georgia's recent history. It sheds light on how state banks, private lenders, and construction companies have all taken money from people with the promise of future profit. This film was shot in Javakheti, a southern region of Georgia on the border with Armenia and Turkey, an area that is mostly populated by ethnic Armenians.


"Salomé Jashi is a keen observer of the changes her country has gone through in recent decades, including the pressures of external threats on Georgia’s independence. A recurrent theme in her films is the idea of culture being uprooted, forcing communities to migrate from their homes. Jashi is equally attentive to chronicling societal change and has a penchant for capturing surreal imagery and situations. Indeed, Jashi’s films have a beautiful visual quality, distinguished by her striking frame compositions, sense of color, and decision to film on location in different regions of Georgia." Susan Oxtoby, Director of Film and Senior Film Curator at BAMPFA, notes on their webpage.


As part of this retrospective, the following films will be featured: "Taming the Garden" (2021), "The Dazzling Light of Sunset" (2016), "Bakhmaro" (2011), "Their Helicopter" (2006), "Speechless" (2009), "The Tower" (2018), and "A Crypto Rush Aftermath" (2023).


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