Open Call for Creative Short Documentary Film ideas

Chai Khana

This is an open call for filmmakers from the South Caucasus for a creative short documentary film idea on the theme of “2020." We are looking for unique story ideas and original, cinematic interpretations of the year 2020 - what it meant for you, for your community or for your country, with a strong visual concept and style.

It can be a character-driven story, documentary essay or a short film focusing on one particular event or chain of events. As long as it conveys an interesting and cinematic interpretation of the subject matter,
any film forms will be considered.

Who may apply: Local documentary filmmakers from across the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, including the conflict regions) who have directed at least 2-3 short creative documentaries.

Submit the application below with your logline and synopsis with at least two work samples of documentary films, and your CV (at with the subject line: "Open call for creative short documentary film idea on the theme of “2020").

Chai Khana’s editorial team will review all the pitches. If your pitch is successful, you will be asked to send some additional information, including an in-depth pitch and a short teaser (or visuals) if available. The honorarium will be between 700 - 1000 EURO NET (including travel costs).

Deadline for submitting the logline and synopsis: December 15, 2020. Pitches will be accepted on a rolling basis, so please send it ASAP.

application form