Untitled Gallery Tbilisi, Salaam Cinema and Goethe-Institut Georgien

Open Call for Artists and Artivists 

A hands-on workshop on everyday spatial production in LGBTQIA+ communities and the everyday archive. 

Untitled Gallery Tbilisi, Salaam Cinema and Goethe-Institut Georgien with the support of the women’s initiatives support group (WISG) is pleased to invite you to the open call for the workshop “Queer Chronicles” lead by POLIGONAL Office for Urban Communication Berlin. They provoke new ways to observe, reflect on and experience how we live together in cities and stimulate discussions on alternative urban futures. The workshop will be held in the framework of the InVIsible festival, which takes place already the second year in Baku, Azerbaijan and is organized by Salaam cinema.

In this 4-day workshop organizers aim to provide a safe space – a temporary platform that offers different formats for participants to openly discuss and report on their multiplicity of everyday queer experiences, memories and encounters in public space - both struggles and joys.

In order to make these queer experiences visible the output of the workshop will be a compendium of videos, audio recordings, drawings, or written testimonials of queerness, conceptualized and produced by the participants using their own tacit knowledge, their own experiences and individual skills to develop multi-formatted portraits of spaces and the queer narratives unfolding therein.

These different formats and outputs will be uploaded into the “Queering Common Space” archive, whereby the stories and experiences of the participants gain (anonymous) visibility and a vehicle to live on and serve as an inspiration and empowerment for others. The workshop will be accompanied by a film program with screenings and final presentations taking place at the Goethe-Institut Georgien.

At the end of the workshop four projects will be selected to be exhibited at Untitled Gallery and later on Salaam cinema. WISG will finance the exhibition of the selected projects.



Artists, activists and everyone interested in the topic from Georgia and Azerbaijan.
To participate in the workshop, please fill in the application below.
10 people from Georgia and 10 people from Azerbaijan will be accepted to participate in the workshop.

Application deadline: 09:00 / 01.03.2021
Workshop dates - 10.03.2021-13.03.2021
Location - Untitled Gallery Tbilisi / Goethe-Institut Georgien for the participants from Georgia and online via zoom for the participants from Azerbaijan.

Application Form 

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