Editor's Pick – Photo Stories of 2022


The invisible line that separates war and peace 

By Saba Gorgodze


The Polish-Ukrainian border became an invisible line that separates peace and war. Millions of Ukrainians have become refugees since the war started, and over half of them took refuge in Poland. Saba Gorgodze documented the forced journey of Ukrainians seeking refugees from the city of Lviv to Poland.


Letters to the Caspian Sea
By Emin Mathers


Oil mines, Stalin's prison, landslides, and Bayil - the name of this historic settlement is linked to many historical events and personalities, and it is changing rapidly. Photographer Emin Mathers created a portrait of old and new Bayil with his photo essay in the form of letters to the Caspian Sea.


Buildings as a mute bystander of chaos
By Maryam Mumladze


Through the former Industrial Pedagogical Technicum, Maryam Mumladze explored the social, economic, and political events this architectural monument witnessed. With her photo story, she illustrated the multifaceted, and controversial meaning of this particular building.


Life on the border: A community opens its doors to travelers in need

By Armine Avetisyan  and Artem Mykryukov


The tiny village of Bavra, Armenia is home to just 600 residents—roughly 300 families. The hamlet is closer to the neighboring country of Georgia than the Armenian capital Yerevan. The village has created a warm community with nearby Georgian villages, where most residents are also ethnic Armenians. Despite the fact that Bavra does not have any hotels or restaurants, the village has created a reputation as a haven for travelers crossing both sides of the border.

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