In a time of uncertainty, Georgians turn to fortune tellers

Photographer: Giorgi Berdzenishvili
Topic: Future

The future has been a subject of interest for as long as mankind has existed, people always have  questioned what is hiding around the corner and what to expect. There always have been people who  claim to have the ability to provide answers to the question – fortune-tellers. 

Recently I started to notice an increase in interest in fortune-telling from people around me. After hearing about their experiences, I got interested in the process myself and decided to dig deeper  and try to understand how fortune-tellers would define the future.  

I was more than surprised to find out that there is much less mysticism around the fortune-tellers than I expected. Alongside old-school fortune telling, online fortune-telling is becoming more popular. Social media is full of accounts promising to provide answers to desired questions, as well as offering special services such as removing the evil eye and other curses, aura purification, love spells,  and other rituals.  

In Georgia, the fortune tellers I interviewed said most of their clients want information about their relationships, health, career, and finances. Tamriko, a Tbilisi-based fortune teller, told me most people call looking for clarity about major issues, such as employment and their family life. “[Life in] Georgia is difficult and these are the most important issues. Young people are interested in love relationships. I always try to look at the psychological state of a person and answer such questions  accordingly.”

After weeks of going to fortune telling sessions, I found more questions than clarity about my possible fate in 2023. Silva, a card and coffee reader, noted that the future is an object of hope. “What is the future? The future is something that we are waiting for. Basically, the future is the expectation of something good, something better,” she said.

TAMRIKO, 60: Coffee and card reader


Everything started a long time ago. When I was a teenager, my relatives got together and for fun,  I read the coffee grounds and talked about some things I saw. I had had some visions before but I never paid attention to them,  thinking it was normal. In a couple of days, my relative called and told me that everything I  said became true. I've been telling people about their future ever since. 

In general, I don't hide anything from people, I tell them everything, but in divination, you need  your own ethics, you have to protect your ethics, you shouldn't talk about everything you see. You have  to wrap everything nicely, for example, if you see that a person has a serious health issue,  you have to warn him that you don't like something and it's better to go to the doctor for a consultation. That's  enough. Since we are dealing with people, communication is difficult. You have to approach everyone individually.

Mostly, those who come are interested in health, work, finances and family. As you know, the  situation in Georgia is difficult and these are the most important issues. Young people are interested in  romantic relationships. I always try to look at the psychological state of a person and answer these questions  accordingly. I will advise them and give them assignments and directions for their actions. 

I tell everyone that until you become sure that what I said is true, don't come a second time. I  need examples of me being right, no matter what I say. Only after it becomes true, then we will continue  talking. This is how I conduct my practice. 

The future is inevitable, you can't avoid what happens. You can't change the future but you can  change the situation, you can change your daily situation, improve your daily life.  You can't change  the future, it has to happen and that's it.

Jana, 54: Card reader and clairvoyant

I was living in Ukraine at the time. When I was 18 I peaked at a friend’s coffee, then another one,  and then another one. They love fortune-telling in Ukraine. There was a famous fortune teller, Alexsander, who I visited myself and he saw the talent in me. He told me that I will become a fortune teller myself.


I can see the future even without cards but to see and understand it precisely I need to open at  least two to three rows of cards. Playing cards are considered the best cards, that’s real fortune telling when you can read them. There are different combinations and you have to see and feel which one  means what.

The only thing I don’t tell my clients is death, I only tell them that they will be going through a  very tough time without giving the reason. 

The most popular topics are relationships, health, and finances. I assure my clients confidentiality. I  receive famous people as well, and my clients never see each other. I always leave time between my  clients to make sure that they avoid each other, but there are still some people that call before coming  to make sure that no one can see them.  

To be honest I always considered that there is no point in knowing the future, you don't have to  know it, as not everyone has a bright one in front of them. The only thing worse than knowing are the  answers to specific questions or situations. 

Silva, 66: Coffee and card reader

I have been reading cards for fun, with my friends, and classmates, since I was 15 or 16. I  want to read coffee, I love doing that, it’s my thing. Sometimes when my friends come over, they  ask me just to be with them but I can’t. I have to make them coffee and take a look.  

When I’m reading cards, I see some parts of the future but when I read the coffee grounds, I  can see a whole life. How will it go? What will happen? 

I don’t talk about death. Other than that, I speak about everything. I have never been involved  in magic and curses, and have never been fond of the dark side. If I see in my cards that someone is  cursed, I always advise them to say special prayers to remove the curse.

A lot of girls and boys come to me, mainly everyone is interested in relationships and finances. I  always give straight forward answers; I want them to make the right decisions.  

What is the future? The future is something that we are waiting for. Basically the future is the  expectation of something good, something better.

Nata, 41: Taro card reader and Reiki specialist

I always had visions as a child. When I was in kindergarten, I was told not to fantasize so much, and I started blocking the visions. Honestly, I think I inherited these powers from my great grandfather. My mom told me stories about him, a priest in a village and who was believed to have special healing powers. He had a book of prayers that he used, which was stolen and our family lost that knowledge.  

I learned Reiki in 2008. Reiki is a Japanese, energy-based healing technique. Reiki is the use of  the free energy of the universe. Reiki experts cannot interfere with other people’s lives. This is the most  important difference between Reiki and magic. You can learn Reiki but one needs special talent. The  same goes for tarot. You need a third eye to be successful. I mean one can learn how to play the piano  but that doesn’t mean that you are a pianist.

I had a nice life, I had a good career, then I got married and when I was pregnant and had to stay  at home, I started a YouTube blog about Reiki that I learned, then my friend advised me to use tarot.  I bought a tarot set and as soon as I had it in my hands, I noticed that I was able to see much more than just  a picture. So, I started using my third eye. I started doing online sessions and doing tarot spreads on my  YouTube blog. 

The most popular topics are love and career. People approach me. That statistic is thanks to girls.  They are more interested in relationships, getting married, and other girly stuff. Even though I have  worked with a few male clients, I enjoyed it way more, they ask much more interesting questions.  Besides tarot and answering questions, I also clean auras and use reiki powers for healing. I don’t  do magical rituals but I can remove the spells.  

The future is something that we don’t know and want to find out about. Something that we sow and  are waiting to reap.

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