Spiritual Kinship

12 min.

Spiritual Kinship


After graduating from high school, Feri Ismayilova chooses education over marriage and tries to challenge existing perceptions and attitudes toward ethnic Azerbaijanis in Georgia.

Years ago, when Feri Ismayilova graduated from high school in Georgia’s eastern Lagodekhi region, most girls in her class got married. She chose a different path and went to Tbilisi to study at Ilia State University. After she graduated, Feri returned to her native village of Uzuntala, where most residents are ethnic Azeris. Today she is proud that she is teaching the children in the village the Georgian language and serving as an interpreter for the whole community. 

Her mother supports Feri in all her endeavors. They both shatter the stereotypes that exist in the community that often cause alienation between ethnic Azeris and ethnic Georgians.


The video was produced within the framework of TDI’s project “Faces of Diversity”.