There're women at the club

19 min.

There're women at the club


The club and electronic music scene has traditionally been based on values such as universal equality and respect. But what is the reality in a country where misogyny and patriarchy remain strong?

Tbilisi’s club scene has been depicted as an unique place with one-of-a-kind venues, crowd and energy. But issues such as gender inequality exist in the local club scene, too, and affect the lives of female DJs.

This short documentary introduces four Georgian women working as DJs and producers; Dali, Kdema, 3AM and Sonnorus. There are women at the club  asks if gender matters, what being a woman means in the local scene and what should be done next? How does the environment in Georgia affect these issues?

The film follows these women in and outside of the club from winter to spring in 2022. The four DJs open up about their experiences, opinions and wishes for the future of the local club scene, which seems to be changing. Progress may be slow but it is real.