"Dear Dirty Tbilisi"

Author: Anna Dziapshipa


"I can’t imagine going through with this one more time," - Guram Tsibakhashvili told me these words, while we were going through his huge archive of photos from the 1990s, arranged according to dates. Each photo describes either two or more different stories when one remembers the episodes from the nearest past: one that is seen, or one that is felt.


The Independence of Georgia started with demonstrations, raided rallies, civil war, criminal fights, ethnic conflicts, hunger and little electricity. However independence gave rise to interesting processes in Art. Tsibakha was part of this process. He knew many artists, was friends with them, and constantly took photos of the decade. His camera was like an additional eye, which captured and stored every important movement of the 1990s. His archive is a precious source of information that enables you to remember and process the important events of the country; otherwise history is often coloured with nationalistic shades.