Online mother


Parenting virtually while earning a living for your family far from home.

Virtual relations became a part of our reality over the past few decades. The covid-19 pandemic made it especially actual, even painful.  

Online Mother is a film about the virtual relations in the family, distance, and belonging, mostly caused by poverty in post-Soviet Georgia. After experiencing motherhood online for a year, the author of the film, Ketevan Vashagashvili is returning to her son in Georgia. At the same time, the film explores the stories of four Georgian emigrant mothers who live in different developed countries to earn a living for their families in Georgia. These women’s stories capture the lives of a generation of mothers who left their children in Georgia with the hope to earn some money and return soon. In reality, some of them spend years, even decades abroad. 

This ‘participatory’ short film is created with the collaboration of mothers who are still desperately waiting for the day they can see their loved ones again.