You dreamed of a sparrow

26 min.

You dreamed of a sparrow


A portrait of Abkhazia as seen through the eyes of a young artist in a search of her grandmother’s hometown. 

The year following her grandmother’s death due to Covid, Anastasia decides to travel to Sokhumi, Abkhazia and discover the places she knew from her grandma’s tales. During her journey, Anastasia learns about Abkhazia’s past and present as well as her Greek, Armenian, Abkhaz, Georgian and Russian ancestors. She visits places where her family lived 30 years ago, gaining more understanding about the person she lost and, along the way, finding a way to accept her grandmother’s death. Her personal journey also reflects the shared journey of people living in Abkhazia, including painful memories and hopes for the future.

This film does not use terms such as ‘de facto’, ‘unrecognised’, or ‘partially recognised’ in reference to Abkhazia. This does not imply Chai Khana’s position on its status.