Filmmaker: Anna Sarukhanova

The Flight 2022


In the months since Russia invaded Ukraine, the three South Caucasus countries have become a haven for people fleeing from both sides of the war. While Ukrainians have been widely welcomed, residents in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia have wrestled with the impact of the thousands of Russians pouring over their borders. They are driven by many things—some flee persecution, while others seek to escape military service—and their fate is uncertain as they navigate their new reality.

Right after the war, more than 30,000 have found themselves in Georgia as they sought to avoid political pressure and sanctions. Their arrival, however, has not been universally welcomed as Russia occupies 20 percent of their host country's territory. Mitya, a young Russian activist, provides insight into a newly formed Russian community in the Georgian capital that is trying to establish itself during these uncertain times. Mitya and his friends have to prove they are victims of the Russian government, not aggressors... 

The film was shot in March-April, 2022


This film was produced in the framework of Chai Khana Fellowship program - Spring 2022