My Garmon

My Garmon


Ten-year-old Sabir Quliyev has a dream - to become a musician.

Born into an Internally Displaced Person family, he has lived in a small self-made house lying between the railways of Baladshary train station of Baku his whole life.

Despite the fact that few have ever believed in his talent, Sabir managed to pass his exams and got into a music school with the highest grade, giving him the chance to study for free. However, to deepen his practice, Sabir needs an accordion. The price of an instrument is not affordable with his parent’s income, so the young boy, full of passion, does not have any idea what will happen next. Nevertheless, he holds onto some hope, and tries his best to improve his skills with his neighbor's broken Garmon (musical instrument).

Sabir’s father, Shahlar, who became an Internally Displaced Person when he was twelve, was also doing music classes, but during the war his instrument was burnt. His dream to become a musician, subsequently was, as he says, “blown to smithereens.” Today Shahlar has a quite difficult mission - not to let his son’s dream face the same fate.