Digital nomads

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Digital nomads


A growing number of people are rejecting traditional office life and embracing the freedom to work from anywhere.

Journalist and web designer Jenny De Witt quit her job in the television industry and now works online. The pandemic significantly changed work culture for people in a variety of fields, turning office employees into digital nomads. Now that they have more freedom to determine where they work, and what hours they work, a growing number of workers are refusing to go back to the confines of 9-5 office work.

Jenny, for instance, can do all her work with her mobile phone, so she decided to start a new life in Georgia while maintaining her work in the US. 

Jenny was one of hundreds of foreign citizens who chose Georgia as their place of work and residence in 2020-2021 as part of the government-run “Work from Georgia” project. 

Director Keti Gigashvili tells us the story of these digital nomads, who are experiencing a new life in Tbilisi.


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