Online but not on board: Georgians remember distance learning

Author: ClickMedia


As schools reopen in Georgia, children, teachers, and parents recall the first days of remote learning.

For the first time in months, children in Georgia are returning to the classroom on October 4. The pandemic forced schools, kindergartens, and universities online in March 2020, and for most children, the experience was frustrating. In Georgia, over 50,000 pupils could not register on Microsoft Teams to access lessons and homework during the pandemic due to problems with the internet. Unstable internet connections, inexperienced teachers, and poor infrastructure meant many who registered could not use the platform and the semesters they spent “learning” at home were largely wasted. This video depicts the experience of children, parents, and teachers in Chitabi and Tserovani, two villages in Georgia, and the capital Tbilisi, during the first wave of the virus in 2020. 

The video was produced within the project supported by IWPR. You can see the project here.