Ana's trial

42 min.

Ana's trial


Logline: Ana, a 36-year-old lawyer and  human rights defender with a record of more than 30 precedential court cases, is going through a trial that might become a turning point, for her personally and for the future of Georgia.

If law is what grounds the state, for the past 30 years since it reclaimed independence, the country of Georgia, has been ground laws written by men.

In this world women fought for their rights and lives, freedom and independence, jobs and career. And they are constantly forced to prove that they deserve them. 

“Ana’s trial” tells the story of a young, strong female lawyer who challenges a system created by male lawmakers. She protects the rights and wins cases for people who, without her, would have little chance of getting a day in court. The price of any failure, however, has the potential to damage the future of hundreds of women, children, elderly, and people with disabilities. 

Being tough and fearless, Ana herself has to survive in this masculine society. 

As a candidate running for Public Defender of Georgia she has to be assessed and approved by male lawmakers.  

Witnessing Ana’s failures and success, the audience gets insight into the main political and social challenges the country faces.