Author: Tamar Mirianashvili


Each year, thousands of people bring sheep to sacrifice, and travel deep into the mountains where the legendary, alleged ‘miraculous chain’ is preserved in the Church of St. George of Lomisa. People ask the chain for their wishes to come true; they ask about their illness, family issues, infertility and many other problems. It takes place in high mountainous village of Mleta, Dusheti Region.


According to popular superstition, any wish asked to the miraculous chain, will be fulfilled, sooner or later. Meat is prepared from the sheep that are sacrificed and parties enliven the fields around the village of Mleta. They are proud of this tradition and are boasting that more than 2000 sheep have known to be killed in one day for Lomisoba.

After celebrations, few take the responsibility to clean up their mess and the territory remains ridden with garbage thrown about the countryside. Numerous groups have spring up who oppose this tradition due to mass animal killings. Recently groups of animal rights protection have arranged a protest rally in front of the Patriarchy of Georgia, demanding that people handle the animals to the people in need.

Lomisoba is celebrated on the 7th week from Easter.